Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lost in the Fog

Sometimes the weather absolutely amazes me. 

It's incredible how water cycles through the different stages, transforming into different states due to temperature. These state changes define our seasons, making them truly unique. Honestly, I can only describe the process as being handcrafted by God. Our winters here in South Dakota seem to be just that: unique. One day we could be enjoying sunshine and think spring is near, and the next day we're toughing out a blizzard. 

A few weeks ago we had one of those bewildering weather experiences. For a few days, the entire Siouxland area was lost in a blanket of thick fog. I have to admit, even though it was somewhat of a challenge to drive, I absolutely loved it. Foggy days are definitely my favorite kind of days. I grabbed my SLR's and headed out for an adventure outside of town (and tried not to get lost). 

I'm so excited to share my foggy day film with you today :) Keep in mind, what you see is what was really there! There was no editing involved in these spooky shots.

This was definitely one of my favorite days of shooting. 

P.S. - I'm going on vacation!! Remember that beach tank I made the other day? Well, I'm going to put it to very good use! On Saturday I'm heading wayyyy down south (like, the Equator south) for spring break! So get ready for lots of pictures and maybe even some crazy stories! :)

Stay warm, ya'll! 

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