Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Falling for Film

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Remember when I found those film SLR's in the closet? Well, I have to admit they took some getting used to. I've also learned it helps to use film that's not older than you are. (None of those photos turned out and I was not a happy camper that day.) Instead, I popped some new 35 mm film in those suckers and went to work! Here's a peek at how they turned out.

It's safe to say I've fallen in love with film. After discovering how much difference in the depth of field these cameras provide compared to my point and shoot digital, I don't want to go back! The softness of the colors and quality is also something you can't get with digital. Well, you can, but with film it seems so effortless and natural. The only contact these photos have had with technology was the scanner to copy them onto my computer, no Photoshop required! My next step is to find a creative way to display them.

Are you an expert or even an experimenter with film? Feel free to share stories or advice! :)


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