Sunday, May 27, 2012

Closet Searching

Sunday fun day, no school Monday! It's a holiday weekend, which means no work tomorrow! Yay! I'll be spending the day working on some fun stuff, like...

Learning how to use these beauties :) I discovered them in the hall closet while searching for a notebook. I guess going through things really pays off! The Canon, which previously belonged to my mother, is model AE-1 and the Nikon, which was my aunt's, is model EM. They're both film SLR's and I'm SO EXCITED to begin working with film!! I bought some for the Canon today, but I was very pleased to discover the Nikon had a roll in it, ready to go! I'm hoping that it's old enough to give me some really cool effects. 

I also have been experimenting with cooking more lately! We grilled chicken for dinner, so I decided to whip up a little concoction for a topping. I searched the kitchen for ingredients and ended up sauteing mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach, chives, and garlic. It looked a little something like this..

They were quite delicious :) Maybe I should think about a possible career in the culinary arts. And, of course, I had to take a quick snap with my new Canon! We'll see how that came out when the film gets developed. Until then, I'll always have my trusty little digital just in case. 

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! 


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