Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Labeled Bottle

Hey all!

So here's the thing. I never drink anything. Ever. Therefore, I'm 99% sure that I'm dehydrated all the time.. Then one day, I stumbled upon this little beauty in the grocery store!  

The tea was awesome, I definitely recommend giving it a shot. Once I had finished, I realized how much potential this little glass bottle had! How could I just toss it in the recycling bin when I could recycle it myself?
So.. I took off the label with some trusty Goo-Gone.

 At this point, I already knew what I wanted to do with it. 

 I mixed up some old black acrylic paint I had on hand with a sprinkle of non-sanded grout to make chalk paint. The real measurements are 1 cup of paint and 1 Tbs of grout, but I only needed a small amount so I just winged it! And it worked :) Then, I applied the chalk paint to the lid and the side of the bottle in the shape of a label. You know.. just in case I forget what I'm drinking or something...

Pretty nifty, huh? If you aren't comfortable free handing the label, you could definitely print one that you like out and trace it onto some contact paper. Then just cut out the positive space (the label itself), stick it on the bottle and fill it in with your paint! I had to give mine a good three coats but it could vary depending on the type of paint and amount of grout used. 

So I don't know about you, but chalk sticks and I do not always go together well. I mean, they work just fine but if I want to make variations of think and thin lines.. well you can just forget it! I'll have you know I was overjoyed when I found out they make chalk pencils. Yes. Pencils with chalk.

Adios chunky chalk sticks!

The pack on the left is some quilting chalk pencils I picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day. If you use these, make sure you're getting chalk pencils, since some quilting pencils are made with wax and other materials. I also experimented with a white charcoal pencil, which is what I used on this bottle. It works just the same! 

Tada! I'm so in love with this project, I can't wait to take it everywhere! And I'm definitely not going back to chalk sticks for typography. 

Have fun!!

P.S. - I wish my pictures could be bigger, but since I'm using my phone if I go much larger they start to get blurry and nobody wants that.. Sorry :( 

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