Sunday, April 28, 2013

Problem Solving - Coffee Table Transformation

Oofta! What a busy week I've had! But I have to say, I'm absolutely pumped to share my latest project with you. Last summer I picked up a coffee table from the side of the road. At first, I had planned to remove the finish and then re-stain a pattern on top. That failed miserably, and I left a nasty black mark from incorrectly attempting the removal. That's when I said, "Hey, what else could this be?" And thus, the bench was born.

So here we are, before I started destroying the wood..

And here's after. See that big black stain? Yeah... oops.

So I painted the legs white instead :)

I used some spray adhesive to get my 2" piece of foam, measured to the size of the table, to stick more securely to the wood. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with how well it worked. I flipped it upside down and it didn't even fall off! Neato! So after the foam was on, I measured and cut a piece of quilt batting to help soften the edges and give the bench a little more cushion. Then..

I made friends with a staple gun :) 

Voila! Next, I cut my cover fabric and did the same process.

:) I left it on all fours and stapled it from underneath instead of flipping it like I did with the batting so that I could make sure my fabric stayed tight and even. And my hair kept falling out..... 

Then after lots of hard work, it was finished!!

I'm so incredibly happy with it. It's going to make the perfect bench to sit and read, play ukulele, or draw on during the summer. I have big plans for this patio room, so stay tuned :) This is just the first element.

Can I also say how incredible the weather has been these past few days? Gollee, it's just swell. Have a wonderful week and get outside a little! 

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