Sunday, June 10, 2012

Junk Fest 2012

I cannot believe the weekend is already over! On Saturday, my boyfriend, his mom and I went to this little thing called Junk Fest! It was a blast!! There were a handful of different vendors selling their "junk" :)

You can never have too many chalkboards! There were so many different things being sold here, everything from antiques, to artwork, to re-purposed furniture. I fell in love with all the different farm equipment, especially a large, wooden chicken crate and barn doors. However, I didn't have the money or space to invest in these things, so we kept looking.

One of our favorite booths was called, "the mustard hare." Not only did it have really neat items, it had a bunny in the name :) The shop owner also created a really neat sign out of an old ironing board and chalk paint!

Awesome, right!? But seriously, I wish I could live here. Or at least take everything with me and miraculously find some place to put it all.... Not surprisingly, I did take one thing with me.

Say hello to my new cat food container!! (Not to worry, the rusty blue table will get a makeover soon.) This old water cooler was perfect for what I needed and I wasn't even expecting it!! Since it's a water cooler, it has a thick, plastic lining on the inside. Not only will it keep the cat food dry and in good eating condition, it will also look great doing it! I'm super stoked to fill it up and put it in it's place.

Have a happy week!



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