Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday Finds

Okay, so it's not Friday anymore. This weekend really got away from me. Anyway,  I've been keeping busy the past couple days. I've spent a lot of time and energy working on that little table, and I've recently been finding new exciting things! I'd love to show you :)

First are two little square mirrors I bought at a garage sale down the street! Even though they're kinda ugly, I thought they had a lot of potential.

Okay, they were really ugly. Luckily, a little sanding took away the gold trim and got them ready to paint! Next, I added a layer of white, sanded, a layer a black, sanded, then applied a light coat of mod podge to protect the paint and give it a little shine. Here's how they ended up..

The other thing I wanted to share is something I'm very excited about.. and they were FREE!!! That's my favorite price! :)

Yippee!! They're old, rusty tire rims! After cleaning them up and giving them some loving, they will have a second life holding pretty flowers and possibly herbs! :)

Happy hunting!


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  1. love a good make over ;)


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