Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Missing In Action

Gahhhh!! I feel like a terrible blogger. I've been MIA a whole month.. This summer is really getting away from me! Sorry for not keeping updated. I'll try really hard to not let it happen again...

But I have an excuse! I've got projects up the wazoo over here, and I'm not being the least bit sarcastic. Let's get caught up a little bit..

 First of all, I've started the coffee table!! It's sitting in my porch as I rub away the finish, little by little. (And when I say little by little, I mean it! That stuff is tough!) Speaking of furniture, I've also been working on a small desk I picked up at a garage sale a few weekends ago for a mere $10. Woot woot! And as of today, I have something new and exciting - a cute little vanity with a mirror and a bench! I'm pumped to get working on that as well. Hopefully it'll be sitting in a little girl's room somewhere when I'm finished! As for that little, 3-legged table... it's still siting, stripped and waiting to be painted. But we won't linger on that.

As far as paintings go, I've been working hard painting a quote on a friend's wall! The words are finished at this point, but black silhouettes are soon to be in the making. There's also a nice sized piece of canvas sitting in the painting area of my room for my good friend's dorm room! She requested a painting with Proverbs 31:25, which is a fantastic verse. 

These are just a few of the ideas that are exploding in my mind. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to explode if I don't keep working! I've been working hard to collect photos, especially before and afters, so I will have lots to show you all! 

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 
-Alison :) 


  1. Don't forget about the amazing sign you made for Jacob and I! Still haven't fully decided where to put it, but then again, we're like that with about 90% of our wall hanging items! lol

    1. Yes! I'm so glad you liked it!! I was waiting to write a post about it until I knew you had opened it so I wouldn't ruin the surprise, but now I can! :)

  2. Wow! busy indeed!! I can completely relate to neglecting the blog, especially when it so much depends on producing new projects to share!! I'm sure they will all be worth waiting for though! have fun :)


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