Monday, August 13, 2012

A Wedding Sign

A few weeks ago I was able to witness two lovely people commit themselves to each other in marriage. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the reception was a blast!! I am so happy for them. :)

I began thinking about what to do for a wedding present right away. I don't typically like buying things like this from big name stores, even though that's what a registry is for! They just seem a little impersonal to me. So.. I decided to make a little sign with a pretty quote.

First, I found some neat looking wood and cut it into 3 pieces. Then, I drilled holes in the side and painted them a flat white. I was actually pretty proud of myself, since it was my first time using a power drill! Now I'm hooked and can't wait to use more power tools in my work. :)

I sanded down the edges to make them look a little distressed and began sketching out the quote, fitting them as evenly as possible on the boards. 

Once they were all written out and spaced the way I wanted, I painted! The colors for the wedding were blue and orange, so I chose an yellow-orange for the words. After the words were finished, I began tying the pieces with a long piece of string. I also added a blue peacock feather and some beads on the bottom to soften the piece and give it some character :)

"There is only one happiness in life - to love and be loved"
-George Sand

I think the feather is my favorite part :) 

Remember how I said I loved painting on wood? Yeah, that's still happening. 

Have a request for a sign? E-mail me! I'd love to make one for you! :) 


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