Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pick a Pepper!

Happy weekend everyone! I hope the weather has been treating you well, and you're not out getting sunburned like me! (sad.) Anyway, today I would like to share something that I've been meaning to write about for a week or so. The other day my mom and I went flower shopping for her flower boxes. Instead of bringing home my own flower, I brought home a pepper plant! But this wasn't just any pepper plant.. It was a jalapeno pepper plant!! Yay! I dug around in the garage for a little pot to put it in and this is what I found..

Yeah... it was pretty disgusting. So I cleaned it up!! 

Gave it a base coat of peaches & cream acrylic paint...

Then I added a design in a couple different colors and added a solid "egg plant" band for the rim. I found the idea for the pattern here. The thing I love about patterns like this is that it doesn't have to be exactly perfect!

After adding some soil and the plant itself, it was finished!

Voila! :) My new pepper plant is now living in the front among some flowers and other plants. I think the colors stand out quite nicely against the sea of green, don't you? 

I had a blast working on this project, and soon I'll be creating new dishes with my home-grown peppers :) Hopefully this is just the beginning of my planting adventures!


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